Thursday, December 9, 2010

Contest Information

You must rush out and sign up for Beth Revis' Epic Contest of Epic. I don't know if you have followed her story on the path to publication, but it is inspirational. She never gave up, which is a great thing because the first chapter of Across the Universe is awesome. This is a must read as soon as humanly possible book. The day I get my hands on a copy (I'm hoping I'll somehow score an ARC since I don't want to wait until release day) nothing will get done in my house. The kids will eat take out and I will be happy.

So go sign up. There are a hundred Awesome prizes available. Go now!

PS I'm planning on renewing my blogging after the holidays. Not only do I get busy with Christmas, but lots of birthdays too. Once my crazy is over I plan on getting back on the blogging band wagon.