Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whoot! I'm Finished!

For all those that are reading (and no one really is at this point--I know I have a stat checker)--I finished, I finished, I finished my novel.

Well okay, so it is just my first draft, and I know that I have a lot of stuff I need to flesh out---a lot. But this makes querying by March that much more feasible. And I am so happy--I got it done before the year was over.

I'm ready to start on my next novel. Totally unrelated to this one, although this one is the first of a planned trilogy. I didn't feel like the story was over when I finished writing--which my husband pointed out is a good thing, since it is a trilogy. But I'm at a good stopping point!

Now I just need to send stuff off to my beta readers. Please like it--oh please. But at the same time be brutally honest. My story needs to be STRONG!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Last Five Chapters

So I let my parents read my novel when they visited me last week. And they liked it--but they are my parents so what does it count for? I did notice they fought over reading it. One person would put it down to play with the kids and the other would pick it up right away. But maybe they were just anxious to get it over with since it was so awful. Gosh it's hard to put your work out there. 

Anyway I still have about five chapters, and I wanted to be done by writer's group this week. I doubt I will be. It would take major writing time, and I've got deadlines for work that I'm paid to do. Oh the conflict. Seriously. I want my novel done by Christmas so I can send it to my first batch of beta readers while they are all on break from school. 

So that's not going to happen I bet--maybe I just won't sleep. 

The thing about these last chapters is that I've been wanting to write them since September when I hit the middle of my novel. They are full of action and action and more action and a little kissing--not a lot, a little. Sigh.

The writing isn't the hard part--finding the time is. I will do it, I will! I will! I will!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nearing the End

I'd say I have between five and six more chapters and then I'm done with my book. I've made it through the middle, and I'm running down the the story peak now. I'm so excited for these chapters too. The book should be finished quickly. I'll end up short by about 16000 words (57 pages) of my original goal (75,000 words or 280 pages), but I need to flesh out the beginning and I might need to add a few scenes to make my character arcs stronger. But I'm almost done with my first draft!

Yipee! Yipee! Yipee!