Sunday, May 3, 2009


Okay so here is the truth-at least the way that I see it. Revising is the hardest part of writing. For me, it is just so hard to go back again, and again.

I know that it makes my writing stronger.

I know that my story isn't perfect the first time through.

I know that the difference between getting published and not getting published is in the editing--most especially when it is your first novel, your first shot at getting an agent and getting published.

Things I've realized about my story this week--my first door (as referred to in Plot and Structure) is weak (well I've known this). The first door is an event or thing that propels your character forward. And this weak, I figured out three things I can do to make it stronger. I can move up my first door in my plot a bit, add a little bit of mystery throughout the book, and raise the stakes--make it much more compelling.

But now I find that I'm avoiding the writing time I have set aside, because I don't want to do the revisions I know that I need to do. Uggh!

Good writing!

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jessie said...

Oooh, I like that-the first door. I am gearing up to change my beginning...again. And, I think, that is what I have in my new beginning. The first door. I hope it works. Good luck.