Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Five: Summer Vacation

1. Just got back from vacation, which is why I haven't posted. I wanted to plan ahead and do it, but then I needed to plan ahead for my jobs that actually make me money and the blog got pushed to the end of the list. We went to visit my sister in Ohio. The kids were great, and somehow we managed the eight hour drive that seemed to go on forever. But it was very pretty.

2. The weather up in Ohio is much nicer than here in North Carolina. I don't know how I'd feel in the winter. But man the summer was nice. Highs of 84. Cools down at night to 51. There is some humidity, but nothing like here. I loved it just for that. We had a lot of fun going to the pool and the zoo and just hanging with the little cousins.

3. It was nice to really take a break from all work. And I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to go back. I need to get to work today and I've managed to procrastinate it for several hours. I may still be procrastinating it in several more. Just one of those days when you want to recover.

4. The car ride did get a little rough, with some screaming that "He's touching me. Make him stop touching me."  Fortunately, no one got car sick. The kids actually did pretty well for the most part. At the six hour mark things got a little tense. But we made it without killing each other.

5. Now it's time to start back to school shopping, clothes, school supplies and everything else. Only a few more weeks left of summer vacation! Eek. But I'm ready to get back onto a solid routine!

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