Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a little Update

So in order for this to work, I need to post.

Confession number one: I think I wrote only two days this week. I've been super tired, and haven't been getting up early to get my work done, and the kids have been staying up way too late. But these are all excuses and they will get me nowhere.

Current Page Count: 21 pages. My goal is about 280 pages. So yeah, I've got a bit more to go.

My genre is young adult, but it is also fantasy. It's time to embrace that part of me. I love fantasy, and have since I started reading it. Thanks Dad!

Confession Number Two: I'm overanalyzing my story plot. Needs to stop, so I can just write. I've got my major points. Just need to get rolling.

On a side note, I found some great writing software that lets me navigate my writing a little bit better. It's called Scrivener. There's a free trial download, and so if you want to you should check it out.

A little note on why I'm writing. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I've always said that I wanted to teach, but I think I was lying to myself and everyone else because I just couldn't come out and say what my big dream was. It's scary, and people tend not to take you too seriously when you say that you want to write for a living. Well I already write for my living, but I want to make my living publishing my novels, not writing nonfiction stuff, but that's just me. Recently I've had some aha moments, that just screamed that it was time to stop dreaming about and time to start really working. And I know it is really going to be a lot of work!

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Robert said...

Someone is reading your semi-private blog entries ;)