Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Week Unplugged

Well I managed to avoid reading the blogs for most of the week. I have to say that my most productive night was the night that my power went out for eight hours. Yes that night I was the most productive. Without power there was no Internet, but I do have a laptop and the battery was fully charged. There wasn't anything else to do. I put the kids to bed before it got too dark. And Rob was working, so I had nothing to do but write. I got a lot done, it was such a happy feeling.

The power actually went out at my house three times this week. The worst was the eight hours, once was for an hour, and the third one was for two. Ugh! It's hot, and we had some crazy thunder storms roll through, which would knock out the power.

I think that I'm going to form a plan of action where I only read the blogs on the weekend. This will let me keep following everyone, although I may miss out on some cool contests, but it will give me writing time, that will not be interrupted or overtaken by the blogs.

Writing wise I still have a lot do. I hate revising. I am doing it, because it is important, but for me it is so hard to do. Hopefully it will get easier with each novel. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. Who knows for sure though? So I'm really tempted to just work on my other novel. But I'm not going to until I finish up my current WIP. I'm so close to the end that I know I can do it. My query is nearly there, and then I can start submitting it.

I'm trying to think of something profound, and it just isn't happening today. I'm not afraid to admit that. So I'll close by stating my goals. I want to write the third chapter in my next novel for my writer's group--which is due in by Thursday. I don't want anyone else to look at my current WIP until I'm done. And then I plan on revising two chapters a day this week. Hopefully I can do it.

What are your writing goals for the week?

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L.T. Elliot said...

My goal is to finish with my research and then get crackin' on my WIP.
Congrats on your recent writing success! And sorry about the power-outages. =[