Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Five: Starting New Habits

1. So far this year my new year's resolutions have been completely shot. I meant to blog three times this week, and it slipped my mind on Wednesday. I'll do better next week. But that's not the only resolution that hasn't gotten done. I've got a cold, a nasty one, and so my new exercise plan has not started yet. But it will next week. Writing is going, but not as much as I wanted it to. Again the cold is really getting me down. So I've got an excuse, but I'm not going to let it stop me. Next week is my new year.

2. Writer's groups. I'm in two separate writer's groups, an online and an in person group. It's been interesting to here totally different perspectives, and a different dynamic from each of the groups. I like the way my online group works, where we submit on a schedule, read and critique two pieces a week and submit every three weeks. I feel like I get the time to really pay attention to the pieces, and look for ways to improve and better yet pick up great techniques. The in person critique group is nice because of the friendships I've formed, and the in person discussion of specific techniques each month. I think everyone needs to find a good group.

3. Beta readers. This is something I don't have, and need to find. I need a new pair of eyes to look over my story. It's going through my groups, but I need someone who isn't attached to the story and isn't afraid to tell me like it is. And of course I'd return the favor. I haven't really started the search yet, but I'm about to.

4. I've started a new novel, and it's the strongest thing I've written from a first draft. I know that I'm still in love with it, but finally all the techniques I've been studying are really coming together. It's satisfying to look back at the first drafts I used to write, and compare them to this. I'm not saying I won't have to revise this book when it's finished--because of course I will, but I'm going to be starting the revision from a much better place!

5. Batman lives at my house. My almost four year old is dressed as Batman nearly every day. He's gone on errands as Batman. He jumps off of things and responds to crime, particularly at night. He knows his secret identity is Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy, which he will tell you if he asks. If you need help Batman can save the day!


Krista V. said...

Sounds like you're in a really good place. You might not quite be where you want to be (yet), but you seem to be headed in the right direction. Good luck with your manuscript, especially with that encouraging first draft.

P.S. Your little Batman sounds adorable. What we all wouldn't give for a crime-fighting four-year-old:)

L.T. Elliot said...

I've missed you, Mim. So glad to see you! I'm way happy to hear things are going so well in both your groups and that learning is paying off in your new project. That's a glorious feeling!
I'm willing to beta if you ever need a fresh pair of eyes. (And if you don't remember who I am, I'm Laura from the 2009 WIFYR class with Tracy Hickman). You can email me at ltelliot at live dot com if you want to talk more about it. =D

Patti said...

Sounds like you've got things covered. I think your ideas for the on line group. I'm in one, but we don't really have a schedule.