Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finding the Time to Write

I always thought that I'd magically have more time to write or to really do anything once my children started school full time. In September, my youngest started kindergarten. I am not the weepy type that cries when my children start school each year, but I had a hard time with this. I think because my identity was shifting. It is one thing to be a stay-at-home mom that works a bit from home, while you have kids at home, and another to begin working from home full-time.

So the last year I have been struggling to find the balance of keeping the house clean, the kids fed and happy, and working. Finding the time to write has gotten harder not easier. But at the same time I have more purpose in my writing. Each minute I get to spend on writing is precious to me, so I make sure that the time I spend writing is used well.

I finished up my second complete novel after many starts, and rewrites over the last year. I plotted this book out chapter by chapter, and I'm really glad that I did. It helped me to solidify the character arc and other things that I struggled so much with when I wrote Isis.

I love it when first lines, and last lines mirror the theme of the story and help the ready come full circle. I think Sarah Dessen's book "The Truth About Forever" really does this well. So very well.

I went back in and looked at my last line, and my first line. I tweaked the first line and opening scenes to better mirror the book.

This is my first line: The men in the clearing look lost, far away from home knowing they will never go back

This is my last line: I finally belong somewhere. I have finally found my way home.

What do you think? Is it full circle enough? Too obvious?

Also you can check out my first 250 words, and query at the agent contest over at  Mother. Write. Repeat. I'm entry number 24.

Happy Writing!

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