Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five

  1. First, I had planned a blog on procrastination and how I deal with it--well how I sometimes deal with it. But it never got written--cough, cough. I had wonderful examples of how my children procrastinate, with proof of having my kids doing homework at 11:30 at night. Yes they are still in elementary school, which I guess that means I am THAT mom. but oh well, you need to do what you can to survive. (Granted my kids don't get up until around 8:00 most days, and leave for the bus around 8:20. I love that their school starts after 9:00.
  2. Since I've finished Lexy, I've been going back and forth between two book ideas that I want to write. One is about a female terrorist. I really, really like the book. The concept, the characters, the main character is really good, and it is an interesting topic to explore. I'm about 10,000 words into the novel, but looking back at it, I think I need to trash the whole thing and start over. The second I like and have completed plotted out, but I'm not as excited about.
  3. Summer is just around the bend. Yikes. It means my schedule will have to change, and I will have to get used to having children around me all day again. I love my kids. I love having my kids home with me. I don't love when my kids want me to entertain them constantly. But we are going to have a great summer. In my area a convenience store has Roo Cups with free refills on Icees for only a quarter. This is my secret to sanity for the summer.
  4. Jacob, my kindergartner, is having reading issues. He reads pretty well at home to me. Not so well to my darling husband, and not at all to his kindergarten teacher. I don't know what to do about it. I have heard the difference between him reading to me and to my husband, so I don't doubt that he isn't really reading to his teacher. I just don't know why he's doing that. Along with that I've been having a lot early reader books read aloud to me. And there is a definite art to writing these books and making them interesting. I have to hand it to Alyssa Capucilli for the Biscuit books. They are lovely.
  5. Making the time to write and getting back into the writing groove after editing is always going to be challenging. I look back at the days when I would write during my daughter's nap time with fondness. She stopped napping at two, and I've been struggling to find the time since then. But it is so worth it. 
Happy Writing!

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