Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Five: Running Late

1. A week of not thinking about my first novel and then a discussion with my mother helped me get that novel back into perspective. I still need to make a few tweaks, but I'm much happier with what I've decided to keep and what I've decided to change. I really think I can go through this draft and it will be my final plus then the proof reading. So I'm excited.

2. Lisa and Laura are giving away a Kindle on their blog. It is in celebration of their new book deal. The book sounds like a great read, and the contest sounds great. At the very least you should go check it out.

3. Rob just got a game for his PS3- Demon Slayer, which requires about 80 hours of game time. And while many people I know would be worried about that much game time, I'm thinking it is time I can spend writing without feeling guilty. He plays and I sit next to him in the dark and write. It's bonding kind of. I'm glad he has his outlet, and I'm not a video game widow. He doesn't ignore the family to play. He just plays late at night, when the kids are asleep, and when I either read or write. It works for us. (Funny story--We had been married for just over a year when the PS2 came out and he was super excited, and wanted to get one, and kept debating whether he should go and camp out. We both went to bed about 11:00 and I woke up at 3:00 in the morning in an empty apartment. No note or anything. Talk about panic. He's lucky he had his cell phone on him. I called and he had woken up at 1:00 and decided to see if he could get one. He had driven around to several stores and realized that he would definitely get one at Circuit City so he stayed. That's when I knew that I was married to a gamer, and I've stood in line for him to get other stuff.)

4. We are planning a last hurrah for the kidlets this weekend before winter sets in. It was supposed to be a trip to the beach (day trip) but the sillies wouldn't go to bed when threatened, so it may just be the zoo instead. It means no writing for me, but it should be in the 60s tomorrow and then it is supposed to be cold. I like the beach when it is cool out. I'm not much of a water person.

5. Reading makes me happy. It has for a very long, long time. Writing makes me happy too.

Have a great weekend!


Jessie Oliveros said...

My husband plays PS3 (Resident Evil-has a crazy obsession with zombies) sometimes late at night after our son is in bed. And sometimes I write while he is playing, but never next to him. I've never thought of it before. Maybe I should try. But then maybe zombies would infect my YA novel, and I don't like zombies.

L.T. Elliot said...

My husband and I are both gamers. It's our down time and it took a while for us both to be comfortable telling people that.

Writing and reading makes me happy too. Glad you're happy. That makes me happy also.