Monday, November 30, 2009

National Novel Writing Month Epic Fail

So I failed miserably at the whole novel writing in a month in November thing. But I'm honestly okay with it. I plan on finishing my next novel by the end of the year, which is nearly as ambitious, but I'm in a much better place to actually reach that goal, because I resolved my issues with my first novel. So I'm happy. I feel like I did what was most important to me. Next year I will climb that mountain and reach the top.

Writing wise it's been an interesting month. I haven't posted a lot because I've been swaying back and forth on things. Like do I change my novel this way? Do I add that whole chapter? Do I think that this will fix that problem? Do I think it is a problem? And finally am I over thinking it?

My mother-in-law asked me how my novel was coming this weekend. She hasn't read it yet, because I'm afraid she'll think it is totally silly, but I'm the one being silly. When I said I was still tweaking things, she said don't over think it. Well that's been my problem. I'm fixing the last few things, and sending it out this week. I'm done thinking about it. I also really feel that I've taken it as far as I currently can.

December is going to be crazy with holidays and birthdays, but I love it. I also know that I will need to make time and a schedule so that I can sit down and really write. But usually when things are totally hectic I can accomplish a lot more. I hope that you all have a great writing week!


Julie said...

So you are going send out Isis? I hope so. It is to good to sit on the shelf. Love you

Patti said...

I think that you even tried is better than me. It seems a little overwhelming. Good luck in your querying.

PS: I know what you mean by over thinking it.