Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Five - A Day Late

1- This week has been exciting at our house. My kids have a fascination for natural disasters. And an earthquake and hurricane in one week was enough to send them over the edge in gleefulness. The reasons to the earthquake was to watch some National Geographic type shows on the earth moving. And the hurricanes means a lot more weather shows. We were driving during the earthquake and so we didn't feel it. That's happened to me more than once, but my daughter still counts it. Right now we are watching the trees blow around and waiting for the rain to come. It looks like the storm isn't going to be as bad as predicted in most areas, which is good.

2- The first week of school went well. I don't get why we only had two days of school, but it's fine. My kids are positive about their teachers so far, which makes me happy. And Jacob is excited to start preschool. I'm excited too. The youngest needs lots of attention because he gets lonely without big sister and brother home.

3- One thing I love about the new school year is it's a great opportunity to set specific goals and get into a different routine. I love setting goals for myself, though I tend not to e as realistic in what I can accomplish. So that's one of my goals is to set realistic goals. And I used to consider myself a very disciplined person. In college I took those early morning classes and juggled working a lot of hours between 25-30 while going to school full time. But now it's tougher. I think that it's part of being a mom. I've got other things (people) I'm responsible for that aren't quite so easy to control or to make fit into my perfect schedule. But I'm making my goals and establishing my routine. I can do this!

4- Writing wise I'm so excited to be focusing on Lexy. She's this awesome character. She can totally kick butt, but she's also genuinely nice even if she is confused. I'm kind of balking because in my first draft, I didn't nail Jason, her love interest, the way i wanted to. He's a super tough character to write, because by the end of the book you have to like him even though he is really, really mean. So I have to work extra hard to get the reader to like him from page one. A huge portion of the premise for the novel rides on me nailing it. Really getting it right.

5- I have been thinking about how I want to grow this blog and attract readers. But first I know i need to start posting regular worthwhile content. So that is my goal. But I want to do something that is uniquely me, and not like all of the other (wonderful) writing blogs out there.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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