Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Five

1. This has been a week. My car battery died, but with our schedules we couldn't fix it right away, so I didn't have a car for two days. Not a huge deal, until my boys got into a water fight in the house, and took out our electronics. The modem, our phones, our Roku box (how we access any television), our DVD player, our Wii and the PS3. Talk about an ugly evening. Some little boys were in big, big trouble. Then to top it all off my cell phone stopped working. No water involved, and it turns on, just won't call out or accept calls. And this happened on the day that we were cut off from the rest of the world. My kids were besides themselves, and it was this weird sort of twilight to know that we couldn't communicate with the outside world. It was also my most productive day of the week, which makes me wonder if we should unplug a little more often.

2. I am counting down and we have six days until the kids go back to school. SIX DAYS. I can manage six more days without killing them and hopefully they won't kill each other in the meantime. The water fight in the house should indicate the type of summer we are having, and the relief we all feel as we try to go back to school and get on a good schedule. This should involve more time for me to reach my goals. At least that's what I keep telling myself, in SIX MORE DAYS, I won't feel guilty when I write. I won't have to break up fights when I write. Bliss.

3. To illustrate how crazy I've been this summer, I started this post more than ten hours ago, and I only got two items done, and that was with working on it more than two separate times. My writing will improve next week, and I'll have more time to focus on the blog as well.

4. My kids are still up and it's 10:00. The summer has not been structured as well as I'd like for bedtimes. But the truth is if they stay up late, they sleep later, and so do I. Next week is going to be miserable, for all of us. Before I got married i was a morning person. I seriously went to bed most nights around 10:00 (even in college (but not weekends--I did stay out late on weekends)). But Rob is a night owl, and I've adjusted to his sensibility. So now I tend to get a lot done late at night, and that's means some craziness as we try to make it out of the door.

5. After I completely rewrote Isis for the millionth time I came back to Lexi, and decided to start completely over. I've been back and forth about whether or not she should be in first present or first past. And this version is first present, and I'm liking it. The original version which I was more than 20,000 words into was in past tense, but I didn't like the opening. I'd written it over and over. Then when I sat down and decided just to go from the beginning, because I feel like I've improved so much as a writer in the past few months. And I am pretty happy with my beginning. Not that it probably won't change a million more times, but I like it much better.

Happy Writing!

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