Monday, April 21, 2014

Books I Love: The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley

I was first introduced to Robin McKinley by my dad. he's a huge fantasy reader, and I was bored, having read every available book that wasn't a medical terminology book on the shelves in the living room and hallway. My dad went back to the shelves in his room, and came out with Beauty and the Beast, which also happened to be Robin McKinley's first novel. I think I was most likely in fifth or sixth grade. I went on to read Deerskin and The Outlaws of Sherwood, while I was still at home. 

I was browsing the college bookstore, and found The Blue Sword and The Hero's Crown, and I was hooked. I began hunting down everything she's every written and devouring it. She's an author I read over and over again. My favorite book is most likely The Blue Sword, which is the story of Harry (a girl) and how she is kidnapped and what happens to her. It has magic, intrigue and of course romance. 

Have you read any Robin McKinley? What's your favorite book?

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