Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Writing Goals for 2009

1--Revise my novel and come up with a title.

2--Write my query letter, and revise it again and again and again. Same goes with my synopsis.

3--Find an agent.

4--Sell my book. Sell it, sell it, sell it. Please!

5--Finish my second novel (unrelated to first).

6--Write sequel to my first book, which is a planned trilogy.

7--Revise that.

8--Attend a Writer's Conference--completely dependent on getting novel sold.

9--Stick to a steady writing schedule.

10--Quit most of my freelance writing jobs (again dependent on the sale of the novel).

1 comment:

Elise Murphy said...

What a fantastic set of goals! You sound organized and determined. Good luck!