Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rewriting Round One

Well writer's group was this week--I managed to get each of the members a copy.

So the consensus is that I need to develop my main character more, and her relationship with Love Interest more. And more fully define the bad guys.

Sounds easier than it is. So I'm heading off to rewrite.

The truth of the matter is that I've never really written anything. Mostly I'll run a grammar check, read once for major typos and off it goes. I never even did that in college with my papers. I had a good average--not 4.0, but honor roll. So this is going to be hard. Very, very, very hard.

I noticed in my first read that I need to clean up adverbs, but the thing that is going to be most difficult is my first chapter, which needs to be totally rewritten, and then adding everything else, while still moving the plot forward.

The thing is I've a got a plot. It gets really tense at the end. I need to be able to carry that forward.

Also I need a title. Really I do.

I'll keep you updated.

Plus I started my next novel. Totally not related to this--this one is more of a teen romance/coming of age. And it has the best title. But I'm not going to share it, until I have finished the book. It's not been taken by anyone yet, and I want to keep it for myself.

So I guess I'm on my second (well third) really novel. But since I haven't gotten published yet--oh well.

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