Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Week of Computer Crashes

So this week has been rough. My laptop is on the way out. We are considering options, and until then my computer randomly freezes and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Rob (my hubby) has been working on it for quite a few days, and I know if he hasn't found a solution, there isn't one. Oh well (sigh).

So I got sidetracked this week, because I wanted to finish up the Princess Diary series by Meg Cabot. She released Princess Forever. I must admit that I enjoyed the series when I began it last summer, but I burned out at book 8, and so I started there and read book nine and ten this last week. Such fun books. The series didn't disappoint. Book 8 was hard because Michael and Mia went splitsville, but I was very happy with the ending of ten. I have considered reading Ransom My Heart, which is supposed to be by Mia, but I may not. The excerpts in book ten were a little, ahem, racy for my sensibilities.

I've also really given some good hard thought to revising my novel. It's so much work. But I know it will be worth it. It's time to really begin rewriting. But I'm dreading my beginning, so dreading it, dreading, dreading, dreading it. I feel so much pressure to get the first three chapters super strong, that it is almost stopping me from getting it done.

I'll have better news next week. I know I can break through that dread.

And I thought of a sweet and totally awesome idea for a new book. Totally cool, and I'll have to research fun and exciting topics to make it happen. Yeah!

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