Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Five: Reading and Summer Fun

1.  I have a twelve-year-old daughter who has just got the reading bug. She's always been a discriminate reader. If she loves something, she reads the series super fast and then doesn't read for awhile. Because of her friends she read Twilight over the last few weeks of school. And I just got her started on Ally Carter. It's so exciting to me, because she is venturing into the world of YA, which has some of my favorite books and series I've wanted to introduce her too for ages.

2. My boys on the other hand have completely sworn off reading. It is summer and they will not do anything related to school, no matter how much I try to convince them otherwise. It can be frustrating, especially because I know how much reading can help them. However, they are well-versed in Minecraft, YouTube and silly prank videos.

3. We've had bad luck with car door handles in the last month, with one on my van, and one in my husband's car. Fortunately, the fixes don't look too hard, so it is just going to be the cost of parts. But it is still a bit crazy that they both broke.

4. When I'm working, I sit at my desk which faces an open window. I love to pull up the blinds and stare at the trees just outside of the window. On one of the trunks, there is a face in the trees. It's where some branches were either timed back or fell off, but it looks exactly like two eyes and a mouth. It's funny to see the face staring back at me. I also love to see the blue birds and cardinals that fly around back there.

5. It's funny because when I was a bit younger, I always wanted my kids to sleep in, so I could. I wanted desperately to sleep much later then they would let me, but now that they've started to sleep in I'm waking up all on my own between 6:00 and 7:00 each morning. I don't understand this. I'm still staying up late. It's making me exhausted.

Have a great week!

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