Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Writing Wednesday

Last week, I was reading a blog post that recommended reading 2k to 10K: Writing Faster, Writing Better and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron. The book was only 99 cents, so I decide to go ahead an purchase it. It was a quick read and I really liked the ideas she offered to help you boost your productivity. Great ideas, that mostly involved planning before you write.  Another thing she did was track her productivity with words per session and words per hour. She figured out her most productive times to write.

I really liked the advice that she gave in the book, and I'm going to try implementing over the next few weeks. I'll give a report back about what worked for me and what didn't. Maybe you should check out the books and see if her suggestions work with your writing style.

What do you do to increase your word count?

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