Friday, February 13, 2009

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Silence . . .

So, yeah, I'm more of a Sunday only poster. Lots of reasons for this. The first mainly that I don't allow myself to do any of my writing for profit or for future profit on Sunday. And the second is that I'm too busy doing my writing for profit or for future profit on the other days of the week or trying to distract myself from doing it.  But I wanted to share--


Yes, I know I am yelling--actually screaming the words out at you as I dance silently in my chair at home. Oh those on the Internet that care I broke through!  And just in time too.

I found a little extra motivation somewhere deep inside--I reread my novel and decided it wasn't completely worthless again. Actually I think it's pretty good. But it's like how I am with my kids. I think they are adorable. I love them. They have beautiful smiles. But I'm their mom, so I know I'm slightly biased. But I do get the occasional compliment on their cuteness--which makes me know my instincts aren't off base.  

This time it wasn't so much a compliment, but a realization that yeah I can write, and I did write my first novel, and yes it is worth reading. So naysayers beware!  I figured out what to fix and how to make it stronger, but overall I'm happy with my work.

Don't worry, I'll sink back into my moments of self despair and doubt soon enough.

On another note I hurried and wrote out my synopsis last night. It needs a lot of work, but now that I have my first draft the revisions don't seem as daunting. I seem to work best at throwing stuff out really quickly and hoping for the best. Then coming back and fixing it and tweaking as I go.

And as to my revisions, I truly think I will be done with my second draft on Wednesday night. Just in time to enter the SCBWI grant. And to start my third revision so I can start querying agents by my birthday!

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