Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Week to Edit

As I said, in my previous post, I broke through my editing block. And I'm super excited to focus solely on editing this book and getting it done.

Then I just have to perfect my query.  And I'm sending it out into the world. But that's a little ways off first.

I'm also getting excited about my next project. I'll call it WS. I love the title for this book. And I like the characters and what is supposed to happen. This book has real potential, and so I'm excited to get working on it, but I think I need to finish up book one (which still does not have a title) before going into the next one.

Writer's group is this week, and I'm excited, and working towards being done by then.


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Cindy said...

It's nice to hear about other new writers and their struggles and triumphs with their manuscripts. Sometimes, because I know few other writers, I feel lonely doing my edits or trying to get the ending right or getting excited about a new project. But it's all worth it in the end.
Good luck with the editing and your query letter!