Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Week of Nothing

So it's not been a great week for me in many aspects of my personal life. My car broke down, and on and on. My writing jobs aren't horribly stable, which I knew, but I hate being reminded of and I got a doozy of a reminder this week from more than one company I work with. It just reminds me of the necessity of diversifying until I sell my novel. Then I'm not going to diversify--assuming I make a decent advance on the book.

With the frustrating news, and my apparent lack of knowledge on the art of revision I have gotten nowhere. I didn't even open my writing program or work on novel number two which is at a frustrating place. I like the start. I have my basic plot outline, but I don't feel like enough is happening. This is a total shift from novel number 1--which is fantasy and full of action, along with character growth. Novel number two is much more about character growth, and coming into your own. It is a true coming of age story, and I guess I need to relook at my plot points. I think my outline just says hit this idea, and this idea, but I'm really vague on the ideas.

Also I may not be the type of writer who can work on two books actively at the same time. I'm thinking about that. Not the planning, thinking about, dreaming up characters and situations type working on, but actual down and dirty writing kind of working on.

My solution to my revision quandary. Read my novel tonight. cover to cover. I can do it. I am a fast reader. Then tomorrow, I'll write my synopsis, chapter by chapter, and then from there determine what I need to do. I've got a few big twists and then I need to just work it in. My goal is truthfully to be done by this time next week with my second draft. I'm hoping it can be done!

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jessie said...

Good luck with doing your second write. I'm still working on my first. And I know what you mean about two books at once. I'm not that talented. I can't switch voices. I have to stick with one.