Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Computer

This post is late because I (actually my husband) was in the process of switching stuff over from our borrowed computer to my new computer. We had a hard drive failure in January, and didn't want to go into debt, but new our refund was coming February. We had three people offer to lend us a computer, and so we were so grateful for so many generous people. We got our new computer this weekend!  Yipee! After a lot of debate we went with a laptop so that I could take it with me to conferences.

I'm going to my first writer's conference in June! Yeah! It is the Young Writer's and Illustrator's Conference at BYU. (I just noticed I'm a little exclamation point happy, and will try to refrain the rest of my post.) I'm super excited about the conference, and the computer. My husband and I made a deal that as soon as I had a finished novel, then I would be able to attend the conference. Thus the finished novel means a conference!

The writer's group that I attend and co-lead just changed format, because of the addition of two members. I'm actually very happy about the changes. We will email our work a week in advance, giving people a chance to read it on their own, and mark it up, and then get it back to us. It should be much more effective.  

And I'm working on applying for a few grants. Here is to hoping that I get them. It will look good and give me something to put in my bio portion of my query letter. I'm still hoping to start querying by the end of March.


Solvang Sherrie said...

Writing conferences are so much fun. I always come away inspired. What a great reward!

jessie said...

What a great idea for motivation to finish your novel. Maybe I'll steal your idea and attend a conference at my novel's end.