Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Five: The Snow that Never Was!

1. Today schools started two hours late due to a snow forecast that didn't materialize. When I went to bed last night I didn't expect it to, but I was disappointed. I'm not going to lie, one good snowfall would be nice. I'm not missing snow the way I used to, but I figure if it's going to be cold, there might as well be white stuff on the ground. Next week it should get back up to the the fifties, normal for this time of year.

2. This morning my daughter wanted to take her iPod to school. She's in second grade (and it's a shuffle), and the school says not to take it to school. She got it for Christmas from Santa. The school says she shouldn't have it, and she promised she wouldn't listen to it on the bus, but she doesn't have a locker to put it in, and I just don't think it's a good idea. Today was a battle of wills. She refused to get on the bus without it. And so she lost her iPod for two weeks, the t.v. for two weeks, and computer privileges for two weeks. She kept telling me to ground her from reading, but I don't think so.

3. I love finding great books to read. New ones that make me happy, and I'm equally disappointed when one doesn't quite live up to my expectations. That's why I like reading books that I find rather than seeing all of the hype and excitement and then not liking a book. A book I read last night was one with a lot of hype, and I went into it expecting a bit too much. It was a good book, and I would have come out of reading it happy, except it had all the hype and so I was expecting more. It's kind of disappointing.

4. I killed my character yesterday. It made me sad. Not crying sad, but sad. I may have to invent a new world to put him into. Maybe he'll be reincarnated in another book series. It's sad, but he had to die, and now my novel is going to pick up pace and hopefully gallop onto the end.

5. Separately this week each of my three children have come to me and mentioned their current career choice. My daughter often fluctuates between singer, artist, teacher and doctor. This week it's a doctor, because she wants to make more money. My four year old son decided on being a dentist, because they make a lot of money. My two year old asked for a rocket ship and told me that he wanted to fly in them when he's grown up, and so he wants to be an astronaut. Maybe they'll be able to take care of me someday, either way I'd better start really saving for college. They've all got long roads ahead of them!


Patti said...

My 7 year old wants to direct movies, weird choice.

L.T. Elliot said...

I just read a hyped up book too and didn't care for it at all. The ending especially soured me. The only hyped up book that I've read this year that really wowed me was Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

My kids haven't decided what they want to be yet. I hope that doesn't mean that they want to live at home until they're 40.

Jessie Oliveros said...

Snow is overrated when you have been housebound for EIGHT DAYS because the weather is too awful. Really, schools were cancelled all week long for freezing windchill. I think it's funny that you want to create a new world for the character you killed off, but I get it... You just get attached.