Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I Don't Write on Paper

So I had an inspiration in the middle of the night while I was staying at my in-laws. So I got up and jotted it down in my brand new notebook. I think it was yellow. It may not have been. It was actually the beginning of the werewolf/zombie novel and I woke up with the MC voice just going through my head. I got it down, wrote for about fifteen minutes, and then put it back in my bag.

So I decide I want to read it today. Can I find it? No. The answer is no. I have no idea where the notebook is. i've looked everywhere and did a massive cleaning of my house yesterday and so I know it isn't hiding somewhere mysteriously and it's gone.

I emailed my hsuband and his response:
I don't ever use letter-sized notebooks. Sorry. I haven't seen it. I didn't know you wrote in notebooks as opposed to typing (with auto backups, etc.)

I hope you find it.


Yeah, that's why. I've got auto back up of my writing to the cloud and to time machine (which wouldn't have worked at home). But now I'm just so frustrated. Granted it's not much, and I can slightly remember what I wrote, but I'm worried I'm going to lose that voice. Yikes!

And I'm feeling stuck in my current WIP because I have to kill a character I like. It's a big deal to the plot. Huge, it helps to make my character move forward. It needs to be someone she likes, but I'd rather kill the little brother than the big one, because I like him better. Unfortunately it just doesn't work for the plot. So I'm very, very sad, but he's going to die tonight.

Happy Writing!


L.T. Elliot said...

I hope you find that notebook, soon!

Patti said...

Can totally relate. I've had bits and pieces of paper with information on them that I've lost. I need a pocket sized computer that I keep in my purse.

Hope you find it.