Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five

1.  Writing wise, I am definitely more of a plotter than a punster. Sometimes I get to know my characters a bit and then i do the plot, and sometimes I have the entire plot written down before I even get to know my characters. I had a very loose idea for my next book. But as I wrote my query letter (something I think you should do before you finish the book), I realized I don't have enough conflict in my story yet. I don't have my characters go to an even bigger low than they are at the beginning. So I need to plot it out. But I have to tell you--these are some great characters. You're going to love Steve and Aimee.

2.  This book is tentatively titled Knight in Shining Armor. Of corse that could totally change. It most likely will. But it plays to something in the first chapter. And I like it. So instead of calling the book by the character name, I will most likely refer to it as Knight for short.

3. I swore that I would never write from  male's perspective. After all I am not a boy, and I just don't think like boy, talk like a boy, act like a boy. I was never even considered a tom boy. But I am writing this from both perspectives. And I'm excited about it. A little scared too. I went into this very cautiously. A lot of male characters by women that I've read seem to make the only difference in the characters by adding swear words to their thoughts and actions. The guys I hung around with in high school and college didn't cuss around me, and I don't think they did in general. So the cussing thing will not be used by me.

4. Can you tell I'm excited about this project? Because I am. I really truly am. It's so fun to be excited about something again. I look forward to the time I get to write again, where I used to dread it. I still wanted and needed to do it, but I dreaded it, and came up with nappy excuses not to do it.

5. The Olympics. How can I not mention the Olympics. I could do an entire Friday Five on just the Olympics. I look at the athletes and marvel at the hard work and dedication they have put in. The hours and hours it has taken for them to perform at this level, and I am in awe.

On a different note, I look at the stories surrounding the Sochi Olympics, especially thinking about the Vice episode I watched, and I am disturbed by the poverty of people around the world, and the corruptness that is rampant.  The entire thing has left me teary today. I'm just so grateful to live in a place that has a government (while not perfect) that still protects the people. I'm grateful for all the things that I have just by being born here.  My basic freedoms and the ability to provide for family. And although we don't have much by the US standards, we have so much more than so many different parts of the world.

Have a great weekend!

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