Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five

1. Wacky weather. I have always been interested in the weather, and if I had decided to study science instead of English, I would have studied to become a meteorologist. This year has been wacky in North Carolina. Two big snow storms, much colder than normal with days and weeks going up into the 70s in between. We have thunderstorms today and warm weather.

2. Time. This week I've been thinking a lot about prioritizing and managing my time. Am I focused on what is the most important? If I want to accomplish something, am I spending the time on it that I need to? How do I find and make the time to make those things happen.

3.  I am shopping for new glasses. It's been about five years since my last pair, maybe longer and I really want to find a cute pair. The Hipster glasses all remind of the glasses I had in Junior high, when I was at the horrible awkward stage. And when wire frames came out I embraced them whole heartedly. So I'm not loving this new fashion trend. Really I'm not. I don't like really heavy glasses on anyone's face. Some people carry it off better than others, and the shapes of the frames are definitely nicer than back in the early 90s. I rarely get glasses because even with insurance, I pay a ton for the glasses. I'm pretty blind--negative 7 in each eye and so I have to pay for the thinnest lens available or they look like coke bottles.

4. Some days I find it harder to focus than others. Good music helps. Deadlines actually help me. And no distractions--like no Internet really helps. When I was younger I used to be able to tune everything out and just really hone in on a task until I got it done. Now I feel like I've developed some type of ADD, every time I pause to find the right word, I want to jump on check my email and do other meaningless things. So silly!

5. This weekend I am creating a solid plan for my writing goals and other goals. I think it will help me to really achieve my goals. Do you have a plan that you follow?

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