Monday, January 27, 2014

Books I Love: Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally

This is a great story about a girl who loves horses and wants a chance at a better life. Her father has just taken a new job at a different racing farm, and she is meeting a lot of different people, which is causing her to question what she wants, and how big she can dream. 

It's a really interesting story. I love the characters that are in this book, especially Savannah. If you have read any of the other books by Miranda Kenneally, then you will be familiar with the area. In the other books the main characters are all about the same age, meaning they went to high school together. This book takes place a few years later, but there are some brief appearances (just glimpses) of those characters. I really like it when authors do that.

Overall I really like the writing style in Miranda Kenneally's books. The characters are always trying to figure out when and how they fit in. I've been a big fan since I read Catching Jordan, when it first came out. She is a great contemporary author and definitely worth checking out.

Have you read her books? What do you think?

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