Monday, June 30, 2014

Books I Love: Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst

I've been a fan of Sarah Beth Durst since I read Ice, and when I realized I hadn't featured one of her books yet, i really had to stop and think about which one I wanted to choose. Honestly, it was a tough decision. She creates these haunting stories set against the best worlds. These are books that sweep you up into them, and you honestly feel like you are a part of the world that you are reading about. So honestly, read any of them and you won't be disappointed, plus it looks like three new books this year. Exciting.

Vessel is the story of Liyana, a girl who has been training her entire life to become the vessel of the goddess. She will give up her body and life so that the goddess can posses her, and it will bless her village and her tribe. She dances and performs the ceremony, but it doesn't happen. The story goes from there. It's exciting, and romantic and poignant. So worth reading. 

Have you read anything by Sarah Beth Durst? What did you think?

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