Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Five: Summer!

1. Eek! It's summer. I danced around the house after I put the kids on the bus this morning. My husband looked at me like I was an idiot. I'm torn on summer--lots less free time vs no more fighting about getting up and doing homework. Plus bedtimes are pretty lax in the summer. Today I'm celebrating.

2. Randomly, I just used up my first entire tube of Chapstick in my life. I've always lost the tube before it ran out, and I'm wondering how I managed not to do that this time. Very random fact.

3. With the shift in the schedule, it means it is a great time to look at my goals and my time and take the time to get my priorities in line. Although I really want to sleep later every day, I figure my body is used to getting up early, and I plan on taking advantage of that. I'm going to exercise every morning before the kids get up. Hopefully, this will mean a healthier me.

4. This weekend is Father's Day. I'm so grateful for my dad who's a great example to me. He is kind and patient and a great supporter. He introduced me to books and genres that I love, and taught me to think critically. I'm also so grateful for my husband, Rob, who is a great dad to my kids. He teaches by example, and he's super fun and goofy.

5. The last few weeks my husband and I have been debating back and forth about what to do with our youngest son Jacob. The school system we are in will let kids skip a grade in one subject, and his teacher suggested he skip second grade math and go up to third grade. In order to qualify he had to take a test and score well on it. Jacob did that, and I signed the papers. He is super excited about it, and I know he's mastered the things taught in second grade math, but he's so small physically. (He's about the size of a four year old) And he has a high pitched voice. And my hubby and I are worried that he'll be picked on or that he'll miss time with his class doing fun things. But Jacob is excited and super proud of himself. Super proud. So we did it, but we are still nervous.

Have a great week!

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