Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five: Why Can't Winter Be Over?

1. In years past I used to be very goal oriented. This year, I keep wanting to write down my goals, but I put it off. I have made some goals without writing them down, and I'm definitely making progress. (Like updating this blog three times a week--not perfect, but progress). Part of it is that I feel overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish and finding/making the time to make it happen. If I want things to change, I've got to do it.

2. I think I've figured out the spiral down for my main character Steve. And now I'm worried that it's too much or off. I don't know. I'm still thinking about it. I thought it through while I was showering and then I actually wrote it out. I still like it. But it feels preachy maybe. I don't want preachy. So I'm letting it sit.

3. This made me think of the times when I come up with plot solutions or twists. Usually it is when I'm doing something else that doesn't take a lot of concentration like exercising, showing or doing the dishes. The key to making it work is taking the time to write down the solutions that I've come up with. I need to do better at doing this.

4. This week the kids missed another day of school because of an ice storm. Frankly, I am so done with winter. I live in the South, which means mild weather, very few storms and hardly any days missed of school. At least that's how's it been the 14 years I've lived here. But this year is just throwing that assumption out of the window. It looks like we have a chance of snow/wintery mix (which means no school--we live in the south)  for next Tuesday again. It's the last week of March, we are usually hanging out in the 70s every day by this point. We have the shorts out and ready to go. This year I haven't even thought about it yet.

5. So this weekend I need to do some major cleaning. Spring cleaning kinds of things. I plan on getting a lot done, but we will have to see if that actually happens. I have three solid goals that need to happen, and hopefully from there we can get motivated to do the rest.

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