Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Putting on a New Set of Glasses

This weekend I got a new set of glasses. It's been more than five years since I updated my glasses, and the lenses were extremely scratched. I am fairly blind without them, and I need the thinner lenses, which set me back about $500.00 whenever I do get glasses, and that is with insurance covering the frames and a portion of the lenses. So I'm loving Warby Parker, which means I can get new glasses much more often. But the metaphor to writing. I put on the new glasses and I was immediately shocked at how crisp and clear everything was. Then I started to notice that the mirror was a bit dirty than i though, and I can now see spots on my computer monitor that weren't there before. The glasses really helped me to focus and find new things. I remember when I was younger I got a new pair and I could see the trees on the mountains, which I'd never been able to do before. It can be life changing. Putting your manuscript aside and coming back to it is a lot like putting on a new pair of glasses. You are better able to see both the flaws and the good things about the story. I just reread the end of Lexy. It made me realize I needed to get back out there with the querying. It's a good story. A new perspective can really make a difference. Sometimes that means you need to step away from a project for awhile and focus on something else. Sometimes that means that you take a break (hopefully short) from writing at all and you come back refreshed and ready to write. I feel that way about Steve and Aimee. My Knight in Shining Armor book. I've had a break from writing, and it is so refreshing to be writing again. To be excited about a project again and to have all of those possibilities stretching out in so many directions. How do you gain perspective on your writing?

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