Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Six: Finally Saturday

1. This week my husband has been away on a business trip, and he is coming home late today. I'm so glad. While things went pretty smoothly, I still missed him like crazy. And I know I wouldn't want to do this long-term. I really admire single parents, it's tough to be the one that is on all of the time. Really tough. Fortunately, my kids were good this week--really, really good. Amazingly good.

2. How do you decide when to keep going or when to give up? I've been working hard on writing since 2008. That's six years. I love it. I want to keep doing it, but I'm starting to wonder if the sacrifice and cutting into time with my family is going to pay off. I don't want to quit, but I definitely think I need to find my balance.

3. I am listing about looking for some new books to read. Do you have any suggestions? I have a lot of author's that I love whose books are coming out over the next month or two, but in the meantime, I'm having a hard time. I am very much in a contemporary romance kind of mood.

4.  I grew up as the oldest of six kids. I had a conversation with one of my sisters about horrible things we did to each other growing up. I admit I was a big tease and sometimes it was cruel. I look back and there are things that I would do differently. And there are things I wouldn't change. I know I broke my mom's heart when I told her I wish I were an only child. I was 12. My mom had just had my littlest brother a month before, one of my sister's had just broken her jaw, and was getting ready to have surgery. And I had graduated from elementary school and wanted extra attention. But looking back I would never trade one of my brothers or sisters. They have all taught me so much.

5. I know that is sappy, so I'll try to come up with something more random to share. I'm having a hard time. It's Spring Break next week. I've got activities lined up for them all week long. This year though, I feel like it is our third spring break, since we've missed so much school for snow and ice and other nonsense this year.

6. Today it is drippy and gloomy. I love the sunshine. I never appreciated growing up in the desert where we would run out and play in the rainstorms because they were so rare. I love the green here and the way things grow, but on drippy days I miss the hot sun, the cool nights, the sounds of the sprinkler systems turning on as I head to bed.

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