Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five: Winter, Winter Go Away!

1.  This winter has been crazy. My kids missed another day of school this week due to an ice/sleet incident and other districts are on a delay today because another storm like that rolled through. I'm glad we are below the freezing line and just miserable with wet, cold icky rain. (I never would have thought to say or think those lines.  I think we are up to nine days missed this year. And it's driving me a bit crazy. Somehow though they have managed to salvage Spring Break.

2. I think I'm getting older, or something. I've started falling asleep around 10:00 each night. I'm rarely up until 12:00 anymore. I used to pull late nights like until 1:00 all of the time. Getting up with my daughter so she can leave before 7:00 is killing me. I hate that school starts so early. Hate it.  Luckily my boys still don't start classes until after 9:00, but that also means my entire day is disjointed.

3. My first radar had to write a report on the saying March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. We had a good discussion about it and the weather, but all it really did was make me want to cry. I want spring. Really, really want spring to come right now. Right now.

4. For the first time ever (in my entire life), I'm assembling my own list of songs to write to. I've always relied on my husband to do this--and he's done an excellent job of choosing music that I like. And I listen to Pandora a lot while I'm working and now if there is a song that I love, it gets added to my list that I'm building on Spotify. The list is a bit different than my other ones, a bit more sweet and slow.  (And yes I've never put together a mixed tape even though I had friends do it all of the time. I've never purchased a CD for myself. I had friends who did, my husband does--he loves music and keeps up with it all, but I never did. I now hang my head in shame.)

5. I may have mentioned before, but I work full-time from home. I work for several different companies, because as a freelancer, it is important to have multiple income streams. And while I need to log a certain amount of time each week, only one of my jobs has set hours each day. The others I can work when I want to. I love the flexibility it givse me. I can run errands while the kids are in school (but then I have to work when they are home) and I can be home and working if they are home sick. It's great. But it's also frustrating to explain to people that I actually work at home. Like a real job. I can't drop everything to be on the phone all the time or babysit other people's kids or just relax. I work. So that's my mini rant!  I'm very grateful that I work at home, I love it. It's just tough to explain it sometimes!

Have a great week

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